The Texas Renaissance Festival is normally in the Fall, will the festival be open?

By Kings Decree, The Renaissance Run occurs on the enchanted grounds within the Kingdom of Texas Renaissance Festival. The magic and merriment of the Festival only occurs once a year in the Fall and will not occur during the Spring festival of this run through the mud. However, villagers, games, food, excitement and enchantment will be available. More importantly, you will be to Lift Up Your Cares in New Market Village during this fantastical event.

What are the age requirements?

The Age of participation for The Renaissance Run shall be 10 years or older with parental permission and supervision on the course for those under 17.

How strenuous is the Renaissance Run?

The path throughout the kingdom shall require a general level of fitness and will consist of 3 miles which sustain 15 obstacles that involve climbing, crawling, and any other means of conquering stated obstacles. Swimming is not necessary, time is not of the essence, and each person may run, walk, or crawl to complete this event. Please carefully review the waiver and if you question your ability or there is concern of participation, consultation of your barber or physician may be necessary.

What do I wear?

Invoke your favorite barbarian, elf, knight, pirate or any other medieval or fantasy character! Teams are encouraged to wear clothing that would inspire fellow participants. Wear memorable clothing that brings out your inner competitor; however, nudity shall not be tolerated. Moreover, remember to wear footwear that is comfortable when running over uneven ground. Each participant will receive a wonderful Medieval Mud Shirt and although it has been awarded to you, we know it will suit your fancy, so preservation of this garment is most likely a must. In lieu of this shirt, we suggest that you wear outer garments that are comfortable, will not retain water, and footwear that will stay secured to your lower extremities. Remember, all must wear your allotted number, or race bib, on the front of your person, and this number shall be affixed to your outer garments or number belt during the event.

Will there be food?

Yes as it would not be proper to let our participants go without a strong drink and hearty fare. By complements of the King, His Majesty has decreed that upon completion of the race, each participant will receive a beer or soft drink as a reward for their accomplishment. Moreover, he hath made available, at a discount, meal vouchers when purchased while registering online. Appetizing food and an invigorating beer garden will be open from 10 to 3 of the clock on the day of the race. Furthermore, food or beverages shall not be allowed to pass through the village gates.

What is the Queen's Color Zone?

By order of Her Majesty, the Queen has defined an area along the competition path and has proclaimed it to be the Queen’s Color Zone. It is here that her servants shall toss colored powder upon the figures of participants. You will be free to enter or avoid the Color Zone. This elvish made powder is also known as food grade cornstarch and is one hundred percent natural and safe. As with any substance, particularly elvish, you should take care to avoid the eyes and the Queen’s servants shall be vigilant to accomplish this - or it will be their head.

Will you have showers for us and a place to change?

There will be a truly unique contraption that shall shower participants after the race for a $7 fee. Or just get hosed off like a peasant.

Will there be medical staff on site?

Yes, in addition to the village barber, there will be a large team of Emergency Medical Technicians throughout the kingdom.