1. Cistern Crawl / Ajencourt Crawl - On belly or butt you must crawl, as the French did at Ajencourt, through a 40 foot muddy melee. Your fortitude will be tested against his Majesty's most worthy knights, will you fare better then those who came before?

2. Beware the Troll - Klick Klack, Klick Klack, beware the bridge that hides a troll's back.  Wade through the mud and keep it quiet.  The troll beneath is prone to riot.

3. Quarter Quell - Avoid the mudbath by beating the other tributes to the end of this bridge. Be wary of the advice you get while there, the rebellion must live!

4. Storm the Castle - Scale the outer wall and overtake His Majesty's Fortress by stealth or strength, but scale it you must. 

5. Lake of Avalon - The Lady of the Lake is a cold msitress.  Wade through this pit filled with 4,000 lbs of ice and 4 feet deep of water faster than the others and she might spare your life.

6. Sapper's Tunnel - Channel your inner Dwarf and tunnel past the kingdom's defences.  Before you dig, heed the advice thrown your way.

7. Legolas' Crossing - Be nimble and fleet of foot, test your inner balance and your outer strength as you cross the eleven logs.  Don't look down, don't second guess, being human won't help you complete your quest.

8. The Wall - Brown is the new black and the Night's Watch dares you to dominate their fortress.You will need to use all your smarts to outwit this slanting obstacle before winter comes

9. Monthly Bath - Penetrate Merlins's Magical Wall of Foam.  This 40 foot wall of nothing but bubbles can be deceptive.  Keep your sense of direction despite the washing wenches' advice and hold back the Tide.

10. Grendel's Cave - Navigate the belly of the beast without being seen.  Ring the bell to remind the monster that Beowulf wasn't the only survivor. 

11. Mystery Obstacle - ... 

12. Aragon's Den - Navigate the belly of the beast without being seen. Ring the bell to remind the monster Beowulf wasn't the only survivor.

13. Blunderbore's Stairs - Fi, Fi, Foe, Fum, how fast can you run? Clamour up the stairs of hay just like Jack the Giant Slayer.  Remember, it's not the up but the down that smarts.

14. Robin Hood's Escape - Vault through the fallen forest of obstacles to avoid the Sherrif's wrath, and returning all his treasure.

15. Gardy Loo - Watch your heads whence trespassing under the eaves for unsavories might be poured from the heavens themselves.

16. Fool's Volley - The defenders fight back, can you survive the incoming hail of...TOMATOES?!  Prepare to be bloodied, salsa-ed and stewed as you battle this most Italian of trials.

17. The Queen's Color Zone - Sport the Queen's Colors if you choose, but all must make the mad dash to the finish.  Her favor might just give you that winning edge you need.


Updated: 09-2016